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San Jacinto College Mission, Vision, Athletic Purpose, and Athletic Code of Conduct


Our mission is to ensure student success, create seamless transitions, and enrich the quality of life in the communities we serve.


San Jacinto College will be the leader in educational excellence and in the achievement of equity among diverse populations. We will empower students to achieve their goals, redefine their expectations, and encourage their exploration of new opportunities. Our passions are people, learning, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Athletic Purpose

The purpose of the San Jacinto College Athletic department is to provide an environment that enables students and the college communities the opportunity to develop their full potential both physically and academically.  Through athletic competition, the athletic department prepares students for lifelong success and personal enrichment in areas of discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, cooperation, dedication, and respect.

Athletic Code of Conduct

The San Jacinto College Athletic Code of Conduct represents a philosophy that it is every student’s personal responsibility to portray a professional and mature level of behavior while on campus and within the college community.  The College and the athletic department seek to uphold and maintain high standards regarding student behaviors by imposing disciplinary actions in a consistent and equitable manner.