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Region XIV Rules

Article VII-Rules of Eligibility

Section 1. Article V, Section 4 of the current NJCAA Handbook & Casebook will be the rules of eligibility for the Conference with the exception of eligibility of part-time students. No part-time students will be permitted to play in Conference approved competition.

Section 2. Members may provide a student with the NJCAA National Letter of Intent to participate in any given sport. NOTE: All NJCAA member schools must sign a Scholarship Agreement for all athletes receiving scholarship assistance.

Section 3. Any athlete having ever signed a letter-of-intent at a Region XIV institution  will be considered a transfer. No student transfers are allowed within Region XIV except for the transfers back to an athlete’s home legislative service area (as determined by the official residency under state rules [SB 397] at the time of original signing); or being granted an official NJCAA wavier by the previous Region XIV institution. (Adopted on February 19, 2001)

Section 4. Sports committee recommendations, as approved by the Conference, will become an addendum to Article VII.