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Radka Brichackova

#14 Radka Brichackova

Position: OH/MB

Height: 6-0

Class: Fresh

Hometown: Liberec, Czech Republic

High School / Previous College: Gymnazium a SOŠPg Jeronymova


In my spare time, I enjoy: Going out with friends, watching movies, shopping, decorating my room
Career aspirations: International businesswoman
Three words that describe me are: Friendly, helpful, communicative
The one thing people don’t know about me, but should, is: Ask me, and I will tell you.
My hidden talent is: I can write down 64 numbers of pi.
The most interesting place I’ve visited is (and why): Sri Lanka; the best connection of man and nature
The best advice I’ve ever been given is: “Words ‘I can’t’ don’t exist!”