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NJCAA Rules and Requirements for Athletic Eligibility

NJCAA General Eligibility Information

  1. Compliance with all NJCAA rules of eligibility is the express responsibility of all member colleges.
  2. All NJCAA Rules of Eligibility are in effect as of August 1 of each school year.
  3. A member college must be in good standing with the NJCAA and its Region/Conference to enter a team or individual in an activity sponsored by the NJCAA.
  4. Students participating on an intercollegiate level in anyone of the certified  sports of the NJCAA shall conform to the requirements of the NJCAA Rules  of Eligibility, the rules and regulations of the conference with which the college is affiliated, and the rules of the college at which the students are attending and participating.
  5. Ineligible students shall not be allowed to dress for any contest.
  6. Students who falsify their academic and/or athletic participation record shall be ineligible for further competition in an NJCAA member college at any time. This includes Macomb College Progress Reports.
  7. Colleges having an intercollegiate athletic program above the Junior/Community College level shall not be allowed to participate in any of the certified sports of the NJCAA.
  8. The word “term” is used within the Eligibility Rules and refers to quarter, semester, or trimester, whichever applies to the official unit of class. The term, i.e. unit credits, quarter term with semester credits, etc. will be evaluated and an interpretation entered in the Casebook.
  9. A student athlete’s GPA will be determined by dividing the accumulated quality points by the corresponding credit hours at each institution of attendance. NOTE: Passing and satisfactory grades may be contributed as “C” grades.
  10. Student athletes who earn an A, B, C, D or equivalent grade in which the state/institution deems as a passing grade in a college level course, cannot repeat that course and have it count towards NJCAA eligibility more than once.

NJCAA Requirements for Athletic Eligibility

The following rules shall be used to determine a student’s eligibility for athletic competition in anyone of the certified sports of the NJCAA. THIS ENTIRE SECTION MUST BE READ BEFORE A STUDENT’S ELIGIBILITY STATUS CAN BE DETERMINED.

  1. Student-athletes must be making satisfactory progress within an approved college program or course as listed in the college catalog.
  2. Student-athletes must be enrolled in full-time status using any combination of sessions within a term, and in classes that begin before the end of the regular sport season in which the student-athletes choose to participate, within 15 calendar days from the beginning of the term.
    • Student-athletes that do not conform to this rule will be ineligible for the remainder of the term.
  3. Student-athletes must maintain enrollment in 12 or more credit hours of college work as listed in the college catalog during each term of athletic participation.  Students that drop below the12 hours become ineligible 48 hours from the time of the drop date and remain ineligible until full-time status is regained within that term.
    • CLEP hours may not be used to meet enrollment requirements or previous term requirement.  CLEP hours may only be used to meet accumulation.
  4. Student-athletes enrolled should be verified 24 hours prior to Nation Championship competition; if a student-athlete has maintained and currently is enrolled full-time 24 hours prior to National Championship competition he/she will remain eligible throughout the National Competition.