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The forms listed below include instructions and important information about ordering awards, clothing, promotional items, name badges, and publications. 

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    Publications Request Form
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Marketing Forms & Instructions

The following steps are for ordering awards and trophies from the College’s approved vendor, Gulf Coast Trophies. The purpose is to ensure a unified marketing presence across San Jacinto College, and to streamline the process between San Jacinto College departments and the vendor.

When ordering awards and trophies, please allow two (2) weeks for the design and production of your items. Please direct any questions to Patsy Laredo, purchasing buyer, at 281-998-6106 or

Step 1 – Obtain a Quote

Contact the approved vendor listed below, to obtain a quote on the item(s) you wish to order.

Gulf Coast Trophies
Ms. D'Lana Cruz
713-473-6969, Ext. 102

Step 2 – Banner Requisition

Next, log into Banner and create a requisition for the amount of the purchase, based on the quote you received. Please use the text below in your requisition (form FOAPOXT – Procurement Text Entry form).

Do not mail PO, send to [requestor's name]
Dept emailing PO to
ESC Region 2 Contract
SJC Contact: [name], [direct phone number or e-mail address] (if other than requisitioner)
Quote # _________ and Delivery Instructions (Campus, Building, Room) _________________

Step 3 – Artwork Approval

The vendor will email you an art proof when you request a quote. It is your responsibility to carefully review the proof, and let the vendor know if you approve. The purchasing department will issue the purchase order to you and you will send it to the vendor.

The vendor will not begin production on any order until a written copy of the purchase order is received. No verbal orders will be accepted.

If you have any questions when placing an order, please contact Mary Hind at or 281-459-5421.

Step 1 – Create an account 

Access the e-store at

Create an account by selecting that option on the right hand side. On subsequent orders you will just need to login. Then click on the Home tab to start your order. Having an account will allow you to see previous orders and save your order. 

Step 2 – Create a requisition for a PO

Create a requisition in Banner. Purchasing will email you the PO, and you will need to send it to the vendor at

Commodity code – 96850 Printing: Business Cards and Stationery

Account Code for FOAP – 733206

Banner vendor number for Marfield Corporate Stationery G00544644

Please use the text below in your requisitions:

Send PO to [requestor's name]
[Department or name being printed on the item]
SJC Quote# 17-132
Deliver to ___________________ [building and office number]

Note: There is one business card design. This was changed because we are one college, and one style of card helps unify the message.

Bus card sample

The following steps are for ordering metallic name badges from the College’s vendor, Gulf Coast Trophies. 

Name tags are $4.75 each.

Step 1

Order name tags directly through Gulf Coast Trophies. Email with the following information:

San Jacinto College name tag order:

Name (35 character limit)
Department (35 character limit)

Please note that job titles (i.e., professor, director of purchasing, department chair, etc.) are NOT printed on the name badges.

Step 2

Email the credit card authorization form to Gulf Coast Trophies & Awards to use a p-card. Write on the form, "tax exempt". Any tax charges will be the responsibility of the cardholder. Send the form to


Note: On the p-card report, please include the reason the name tag was ordered. 

Step 3

View and approve the email art proof from Gulf Coast Trophies. 

Step 4

The name badge will be delivered to the marketing department at the district office. Name tags will be forwarded to you via inter-campus mail.


Follow these steps to ensure a unified marketing presence across San Jacinto College, and to streamline the process between San Jacinto College departments and the vendor.

Please direct any questions to Patsy Laredo, purchasing buyer, 281-998-6106,


Step 1 – Obtain Quote



Jodi Moore
Phone: 281-204-8908
Link to SJC store
Link to several catalogs


Kristin Wert
Phone: 866-391-6593

For login information, please contact Kristin Wert. 
You are able to order with a p-card directly through the portal at


Loyd Powell or Wendy Drouin
Phone: 713-862-9855

Catalogs: (With this vendor, there is no set-up charge on embroidery orders; no shipping charges on clothing orders over $250.)

Clothing catalog 1
Clothing catalog 2
Promotional items



District Office
Diana Martinez
Phone: 713-920-1590

Central Campus
Maria Tovar
Phone: 713-920-1590

North Campus
Bill Rushing
Phone: 713-920-1590

South Campus
Phone: 713-920-1590

Promotional Items & Clothing


Step 2 – Purchase Order

Login to Banner and create a requisition. Purchasing will email you the PO, and you will need to send it to the vendor.

Promo item commodity code 03778
Clothing commodity code 20000

Banner vendor number for Brand IQ G00949132
Banner vendor number for J. Harding & Co (J. Drouin) G00802617
​Banner vendor number for Klas Products (Boundless Network) G00948300
Banner vendor number for Popular Embroidery 760667731

Please use the text below in your requisitions:

Send PO to [requestor's name]
RFP# 16-03, Board approved 12/2017
Quote # __________
Deliver to ___________________ (building and office number)


Step 3 – Artwork

The vendors will email you an art proof that follows the College brand standards. You will be responsible for proofing and approving the art proof.

If a t-shirt order needs new artwork, please contact Mary Hind in the marketing department at

Please note the following when ordering promotional items:

- The only website url that will be listed on promotional items is or
- The only phone number that will be listed on promotional items is the College call center, 281-998-6150 (extensions are fine).
- Departmental designations will fall in line with pre-approved graphics provided to the vendor.
- Deviations from the College logo and tagline will not be permitted.
- The College’s academic colors are blue and gold with white accent, and promotional items should be ordered accordingly in these colors.
- Questions should be addressed to Janet Cowey, marketing director, 281-991-2603.


The following steps are for ordering College publications. The purpose is to ensure a unified marketing presence across San Jacinto College. Publications include, but are not limited to, items such as brochures, posters, flyers, programs, invitations, banners, t-shirts, reports, booklets, etc.

Marketing Projects - Client Checklist

Step 1 - Fill out request form

Complete the Publications Request Form using the link at the bottom of the page. Be sure to include the date you need your publication(s) delivered.

When ordering a publication, please allow four to six (4 to 6) weeks for the design and production of your item(s). Please direct any questions to Mary Hind, marketing project coordinator at 281-459-5421, or  Janet Cowey, marketing director, at 281-991-2603.

After submitting the form, please send text or samples via email or campus mail to

Step 2 - Proof designs

Your request will be assigned to a graphic designer, who will work on the design and layout of your project. You will be provided the opportunity to proof your publication(s) up to five times prior to print. 

Step 3 - Create REQ and send PO to marketing

The marketing department will get a print estimate from a contracted print vendor and send it to you for approval. If you approve, then you will create a requisition for a purchase order (PO). When you receive the PO, send it to Your order will then be sent to the printer. 

Projects that do not require printing, or that will be printed at the copy center do not require a PO. The designer will email you the hi-res PDF of the approved design. 


Step 4 - Delivery 

Your item(s) will be delivered from the printer to the maintenance department on the campus you indicate on the attached form. Maintenance will then distribute appropriately. Please note that the College has contracted print vendors, and any printing done outside of the contracted vendors is not approved. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Hind, marketing project coordinator.

Please note: The marketing department will consider the following elements when designing your publication.

1. San Jacinto College logo and seal. The SJC official logo and / or seal will be used on most publications. Should you require the logo or seal for a departmental publication, it is available in different formats and resolutions at Instructions for downloading, and guidelines for usage, are also available on the site. Should you require a specific departmental logo, or have a special request, please contact the marketing director.

2. Proper names.
• The San Jacinto Community College District
• The San Jacinto College District
• San Jacinto College
• San Jacinto College Central Campus
• San Jacinto College North Campus
• San Jacinto College South Campus
• Maritime Technology and Technical Training Center

3. Campus addresses.

San Jacinto College Central Campus
8060 Spencer Highway
Pasadena, Texas 77505

San Jacinto College North Campus
5800 Uvalde Road
Houston, Texas 77049

San Jacinto College South Campus
13735 Beamer Road
Houston, Texas 77089

Maritime Technology and Technical Training Center
3700 Old Highway 146
La Porte, Texas 77571

4. College phone number. 281-998-6150. 

5. College website address. 

6. Equal Opportunity Institution statement

The San Jacinto College District is committed to equal opportunity for all students, employees and applicants without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, pregnancy, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, genetic information, marital status or veteran status in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. The following College official has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the College’s non-discrimination policies: Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, 4620 Fairmont Pkwy., Pasadena, TX 77504; 281-991-2659;

7. Disclaimer (for official publications). All course descriptions and degree information listed herein are subject to change. For up-to-date information, please consult the current San Jacinto College catalog.

8. Revision date. Month / Year (i.e., 01/2019).

Publication Authorization

It is the responsibility of the Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations to determine that the content, design, purpose, and printing format of College publications serve the goals and objectives of the San Jacinto College District. The Vice Chancellor, Marketing, Public Relations, and Government Affairs is ultimately responsible for College publications, ensuring they meet all SACSCOC requirements.

Departmental Publications

Standard College publications that may be approved for departmental production include flyers, forms, and brochures which are temporary in nature, require fewer than 200 copies, and can be reproduced on campus.

Publications not approved for departmental production are all marketing and recruitment brochures, pamphlets and posters. All College publications must conform to the District’s standards of quality, accuracy and image.

Printing Copyrighted Materials

San Jacinto College will not knowingly publish or reprint previously copyrighted materials without written permission from the publisher, author, or other party with a copyright interest. Before submitting questionable materials, first consult the publisher or author listed in the published work. Requests for reprinting copyrighted materials in part or entirety must be submitted with a letter stating granted permission from the publisher, author, or other party with a copyright interest. The letters of permission will remain on file in the marketing office.

When you are ready, please fill out and submit the form below:

Publications Request Form