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General Information

Degree Plans

San Jacinto College offers more than 200 degree and certificate options. Check out our areas of study to discover what program will help you reach your career goals.

The core curriculum (also termed “the basics”), is required, regardless of your major. This core set of classes is taken by all Texas undergraduate students to make sure that no matter where you receive your degree, you’ll have gained an understanding of general subjects included in the core curriculum. These requirements ensure that you receive a well-rounded and balanced education. At San Jacinto College, we’ve put together specific plans to help you knock out those “basics” and apply them toward a variety of four-year degrees. The College also has strong partnerships with universities to ensure that your core curriculum is approved for transfer.

Our Career Centers and take a career assessment quiz to help you choose your path. Our career centers can also help you find a part-time job while you are attending school, or assist with job placement after you graduate.

Cheating and Plagiarism

The following policies and procedures concerning cheating and plagiarism are printed in this form for the information of all students. The gaining of knowledge and the practice of honesty go hand-in-hand. The importance of knowledge properly gained is emphasized by these rules against cheating and plagiarism. An act of cheating or plagiarism in any degree subjects a student to disciplinary procedures listed below.


The College defines cheating as dishonesty of any kind on examinations and written assignments; illegal possession of examinations; possessing crib notes during an examination, whether used or not; illegally obtaining information during an examination from the examination paper or from another student; assisting others to cheat; alteration of grade records and illegal entry or presence in any office are instances of cheating. Complete honesty is required of the student in the presentation of any and all phases of course work as his/her own. This applies to examination of whatever length, as well as to final examinations, daily written reports and them themes.


Offering the work of another as one’s own without proper acknowledgment is plagiarism. Therefore, any student who fails to give appropriate credit for ideas or material he or she takes from another, whether fellow student or resource writer, is guilty of plagiarism. 

The College may contract with companies or organizations that provide plagiarism-detection services. Such companies may receive a student’s work product for purpose of comparing the student’s work with a reference database. Students enrolling at the San Jacinto College agree as a condition of their enrollment that their work product may be submitted to such companies for the purpose of plagiarism detection and that the company may retain a copy of the work for plagiarism-detection purposes. Such organizations will not copy, use, distribute, or re-disclose the student’s work product.

Student Records and FERPA

The Texas Public Information Act does not require the release of information contained in educational records, except in conformance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA is a federal law that, generally speaking, gives students access to their educational records and prohibits the College from releasing a student’s educational records to third parties without the consent of the student. Any inquiry about student information should be referred to the Registrar’s Office or Human Resources.

In order to complete the required NJCAA eligibility form, and assist in the advancement of students to a college or university of higher learning, the student must sign the Buckley Amendment Consent Form, which allows San Jacinto College to release student records, pre college test scores, appropriately related information concerning any examination for which college credit is claimed, all information pertaining to correspondence courses, records concerning financial aid, and other information obtained by San Jacinto College pertaining to student academic eligibility and academic status.

Buckley Amendment Consent Form: Please visit

Financial Aid

At San Jacinto College we have a goal of our own – to never let finances stand in the way of our students’ success. Beyond low tuition and expenses, we offer plentiful opportunities for financial aid. We are dedicated to making sure your education here is as affordable as it is excellent.

Various factors go into determining what kinds of financial aid you can receive. Here at San Jacinto College you’ll find many resources available to you, along with some important dates and details that will need your attention. But don’t worry, we’ll help you understand everything you need to know, and guide you through everything you need to do. So you can get on with pursuing your goals. For more information on financial aid go to:

Hold on Records

The Campus Business Office can assist you in identifying any HOLDS on your record and how they may be released. A student athlete cannot register if there is a hold on his/her record due to lost, damaged, or failure to return uniforms or equipment. Holds may be placed if debts to the Athletic Department or to any college department are pending.


Two commencements for all graduates of San Jacinto College are held each year at North and Central, and a May graduation is held at South. These exercises take place in the months of May and December. Caps, gowns, invitations, class rings, etc. are sold at all campus bookstores. Information is also available at