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Academic Success

Being a student requires development of time management and self-management skills to juggle many commitments. Students must learn to balance classes, study time, practice/game schedules, work, and family. To manage time and yourself wisely, students must invest time prudently and make quality choices to get what they desire from their academic plan for success. Acquire clearly focused values and goals for your studies, team, work, family, social activities and, most importantly, yourself! We encourage you to utilize the college’s academic resources to assist you during your time at San Jacinto College. These resources include Educational Planning /Counseling, Athletic Department Academic Coordinator, Academic Assistance Program, and Academic Success Common Practices.

The San Jacinto College Athletic Department believes in academics first and athletics second. Athletics is a motivator for academic success.

Regardless of season ending dates, every student in the San Jacinto College Athletic Department Academic Assistance Program will adhere to the guidelines that pertain to academic monitoring and mentoring for the entire academic year. Failure to adhere may result in sanctions, loss of eligibility status, or loss of student aid or athletic scholarship.

Educational Planning / Counseling

Getting the degree students want on the timeline they want takes careful planning. Educational Planning / Counseling are here to help students formulate that plan and keep it on track. We recommend that all students see an educational planner / counselor before registering for classes – not just the first time, but for every semester. An educational planner / counselor can make sure students are progressing correctly toward a required degree plan, answer questions and help decide on changes that may be necessary. No appointments are necessary. Just come in, show a picture ID and an educational planner / counselor will help in this process.

Athletic Department Academic Coordinator

The Athletic Department Academic Coordinators are assigned to answer student questions specific to athletic eligibility, transfer status, and intercampus relationships with the Educational Planning / Counseling department. The Athletic Department Academic Coordinators recognize the differences incoming freshman and transfer students face regarding specific eligibility and transfer rules and regulations set forth by the NJCAA, NAIA and NCAA.

Academic Assistance Program

A structured academic assistance program is in place for every student athlete in the intercollegiate athletic program. No student athlete may participate in any intercollegiate practice or game if the criteria for eligibility are not met, thus the Academic Assistance Program is in place to meet this criteria and is a process towards achieving optimum academic student success. The Academic Assistance Program is a four tiered structure of monitoring and mentoring students’ academic success through Academic Progress Report Forms, Tutoring Center, Study Hall, and Academic Lab.

Academic Progress Reports

Academic Progress Reports are required for all student athletes throughout the entire academic year. If a student athlete elects not to participate in the Academic Progress Report program, the athlete will forfeit his/her eligibility to continue participating on the current team. Grant-ln-Aid students will lose their scholarships for the following semester/year if reports are not turned in.

Individual student progress report forms are issued by the Academic Coordinator and/or Head Coach. Academic Progress Reports are issued for completion a minimum of twice each semester.

Every student athlete must submit a completed Academic Progress Report form to the head coach on the required dates in order to maintain intercollegiate academic eligibility. Current grades and attendance record, along with a signature from the instructor, must be in place to be classified as a completed report. If there are no current grades available, the instructor must note that in the area provided on the form. Each report submitted will be validated as to the authenticity of signatures and information. If a student falsifies these academic documents in any way he/she shall be suspended from all athletic activities and team -related functions, and may forfeit Grant-in-Aid and/or athletic scholarship.

Based on the reported grades, a current GPA will be calculated. All students must “maintain” a 2.50 GPA or better. Student(s) academically below a 2.50 GPA as indicated by the Progress Report Form will perform select hours of Study Hall as designated by the respective head coach.

Study Hall

Study Hall is mandated to assist students in academic success and is arranged for students who may be experiencing academic challenges. Study Hall sessions are arranged by the Athletic Academic Coordinator and/or head coach.

Study Hall is immediately required of all new incoming students, which consists of freshman and transfers, and students that are academically challenged as indicated on their Academic Progress Reports.

Student Success Center

All students engaged in intercollegiate athletics are required to fulfill a minimum of five lab hours per week in an academic lab. The Student Success Center is a mandatory academic assistance program for all students engaged in intercollegiate athletics at San Jacinto College. Weekly hours accumulated by students in the Student Success Center are reviewed by the Athletic Academic Coordinator and/or head coach. If a student does not complete the required weekly hours in the Student Success Center, the athlete shall be suspended from all athletic activities and team related functions, and may forfeit Grant-in-Aid and/or athletic scholarship.

The following are several of the resources offered to students in the Student Success Center:

  • FREE tutoring for various subjects such as Math, English, Sciences and many other subjects. The tutors are college professors and/or student tutors that are certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) and come highly recommended by their instructors.
  • Calculators are available to be checked out; however, the calculators must only be used within the center and the student must provide a driver’s license. The calculators must be returned before the student checks out or leaves and then the student will then be handed back their driver’s license. The center holds TI-83’s and TI-30’s.
  • Textbooks and solution manuals for the subjects that are being tutored, and lab practical books that help students prepare and study for lab exams.
  • New computers that students may use for academic purposes. Please note students are not allowed on social websites, such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc., in the center.
  • A quiet learning environment for individuals and small groups.
  • A Conversation Hour, which helps English second language students practice English by doing many different activities.

Academic Success and Common Practices

  • Make good choices.
  • Just like practicing for your sport; repetition is learning and daily preparation is key.
  • Go to class and be prepared.
  • Survey the expectations of the assignment so when you are doing the assignment you have a focus.
  • Manage your day to include study time.
  • Get help quickly- from your coach, instructor, or set up for tutoring, etc.
  • Understand the importance of listening.
  • Review or even rewrite and organize lecture notes after class while content is fresh on your mind.
  • Highlight areas of importance after you have the big picture – identify what the instructor is asking.
  • Review often, not just right before a test/exam.