Judge Jo Ann Delgado visits San Jacinto College: Her Honor talks one-on-one with students about perseverance and success

03.10.2017 | By Andrea Vasquez

HOUSTON – Judge Jo Ann Delgado, Harris County Justice of the Peace for Precinct 2, Place 1, recently paid a visit to San Jacinto College government professor Dr. Nancy Liounis’ Texas government class.

“The students were excited to see a real, practicing judge and politician, especially after we've been reading about Texas government all semester” said Liounis. “What made the biggest impression on the students was Judge Delgado sharing her personal story of her path to leadership in the Texas judicial system. She emphasized that students can aspire to do anything, but sharing her personal story really enabled the students to connect with her and see that potential within themselves.”

 Judge Delgado also gave students advice on being prepared for any opportunities that may cross their path and going the extra mile with any task they are given. She welcomed students to visit her office any time they have questions on an issue of interest and invited them to drop off their resumes for potential clerkship vacancies.

“That really made them feel valued and welcomed by an esteemed member of our court system. Several students felt comfortable enough to share personal situations of their own current or past legal issues, and Her Honor was nonjudgmental, open and practical with her comments. Her message to them was, ‘Okay, you made missteps, but now you're on the right track, in college, headed towards a degree. You've learned from the situation, so now it’s time to proceed with your life and succeed.’”

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