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Organizational Development

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Organizational Development is the framework for creating change, enhancing our culture, and increasing the effectiveness of processes by using planned innovative interventions and methodologies.

In Organizational Development, we provide change management consultation services and work in partnership with leaders throughout San Jacinto College. We coach leaders through change management activities which includes:

   • Strategy development         • Training plan development

   • Stakeholder analysis           • Resistance management plan

   • Change readiness               • Communication plan    


Our OD staff uses Prosci's change methodology to manage the people side of change. We share project management best practices to help team leaders work more efficiently, provide customized team development services and resources, lead and facilitate continuous process improvement events, and consult with leaders on organizational design/redesign efforts.

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Rosalyn Parker, Manager, Organizational Development
281 998-6377


Organizational Development services include:

Change management is an approach to transitioning individuals, teams and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. It is an organizational process aimed at helping our employees and teams accept and embrace changes in their work environment.

Change Management Pre-Work Toolkit Process Improvement Toolkit

Process mapping is a technique where a certain process or workflow in your work area is converted into a visual, step-by-step diagram. Process mapping is used to better understand your existing process and to help develop a more effective one and improve work results.

Process Improvement Pre-Work Toolkit  Process Improvement Toolkit

Our OTD team is experienced in using a variety of project management tools. We coach cross-functional team leaders of project teams small to medium size and through strategy development and help leaders use the right tools to achieve goals (i.e. key stakeholders, project and team charters, work breakdown structures, define deliverables, project plan, etc.).

Project Management Pre-Work Toolkit  Project Management Toolkit

We believe a well designed organization is aligned with the strategic goals of the College, takes in consideration staff, administrators, and student success, efficiency within the organizations, and meets the challenges posed by factors that affect the college.  We provide organizational design services that assist leaders to identify strategies that improve and encourage structure, work flow, people, and systems alignment.

Coming soon.

Organizational Design and Redesign Pre-Work Toolkit  Organizational Design and Redesign Toolkit

Organizational Wellness Instrument (OWI) is a survey tool that all full-time employees and faculty complete. This online assessment instrument was developed by Dr. Kobus Neethling and assesses 10 dimensions which are critical to the success of the College. These 10 dimensions indicate the “wellness” of our organization and determine this by assessing how the work environment either contributes to or takes away from creating a supportive and productive environment.

Organizational Wellness Inventory Interpretation  Organizational Wellness Instrument

In combination with Cornerstone-Succession, we use a process that helps leaders to identify gaps in future capabilities, assess leader desires toward moving up or across organizations, knowledge and experience, readiness, performance and potential.

Coming Soon.

Succession Planning Toolkit  Succession Planning Toolkit

As teams go through various stages of development, we support and work with college leaders to custom-design interactive learning activities.  These activities help leaders and teams focus on improving team dynamics and morale, communication, resolving conflict and improving team performance.

Team Development Services  Team Development Services