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Where They Have Gone

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Players Find Success After San Jacinto College

San Jacinto College has a remarkable tradition of sending players to four-year colleges after their stay in Pasadena. Here is a look at the former players who have gone on to play beyond SJC.


Player Yrs. at SJC School
Tom Mitchell 1965-67 Seattle
Richard Vasquez 1965-67 University of Florida
Ollie Taylor 1966-68 University of Houston
Jeff Haliburton 1967-69 Drake University
Terry Mullins 1967-69 University of Texas
Leon Huff 1968-70 Drake University
Bob Nash 1968-70 University of Hawaii
Buzzy Thomas 1970-72 Drake University
Tom Henderson 1970-72 University of Hawaii
Art Johnson 1973-74 Iowa State University
Ray Williams 1973-75 University of Minnesota
Sam Williams 1974-75 San Francisco
Mike Schultz 1974-76 University of Houston
Ollie Mack 1975-77 East Carolina University
Alton Lister 1976-77 Arizona State University
Larry Spriggs 1977-78 Howard
Curtis Phauls 1977-79 University of Massachusetts
Billy Goodwin 1979-80 St. John’s
Don Plummer 1980-81 San Diego State University
Nolan Gibson 1981-83 Bradley
Carey Holland 1981-83 Auburn University
Spoon James 1981-83 UNLV
Andre Ross 1981-83 San Diego State University
Walter Berry 1983-84 St. John’s
Ron Singleton 1983-84 Arizona State University
Linwood Moy 1983-84 UNLV
Lew Hill 1983-85 Wichita State University
Tom Grant 1985-86 University of Houston
Tyrone Shaw 1984-86 West Virginia University
Ledell Eackles 1984-86 University of New Orleans
Boo Harvey 1985-87 St. John’s
Michael Porter 1985-87 St. John’s
John Hudson 1985-87 University of South Carolina
David Butler 1986-88 UNLV
Moses Scurry 1986-88 UNLV
Arnold Bernard 1987-89 Southwest Missouri State University
Daryl Reid 1987-89 Southwest Missouri State University
Butch Morris 1988-90 University of Arkansas
Bryan Sallier 1989-90 Oklahoma University
Sam Cassell 1989-91 Florida State University
Rodney Odom 1990-91 University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Ernest Jackson 1990-92 University of South Alabama
Bill Burnett 1990-92 Southern University
Leonard Williams 1990-92 Louisiana Tech University
William Howze 1991-93 New Mexico State University
Carl Turner 1991-93 St. Louis University
Michael Lloyd 1992-94 Syracuse University
Lonnie Alexander 1993-95 Stephen F. Austin State University
Dink Peters 1994-96 East Carolina University
Omar Sneed 1995-97 University of Memphis
Steve Francis 1996-97 University of Maryland
Calvin Bowman 1996-98 West Virginia University
William Clay 1996-98 University of Texas
Alex Scales 1996-98 University of Oregon
Charlie Naihe 1998-99 Baylor University
Gee Gervin 1997-98 University of Houston
Alex Shorts 1998-99 Miami University (Ohio)
Mugsy Green 1998-2000 Manhattan
Antonio Falu 1999-2001 Valparaiso
Roberto Morentin 1999-2001 University of Central Florida
Darnell Hopkins 2001-03 Murray State University
Daryl Mason 2001-03 University of Louisiana-Monroe
Jihad Muhammad 2001-03 University of Cincinnati
Rashad Robinson 2001-03 Liberty University
Marcus West 2001-03 Fresno State University
Scott Robert Gernander 2001-03 Sam Houston State University
Courtney Captain 2003-05 East Carolina University
Kentrell Gransbury 2003-05 South Florida University
Trey McDowell 2003-05 Louisiana Tech University
Manuel Neto 2004-06 Stoney Brook University
Champ Sylvester 2004-06 Texas A&M University-Commerce
Kevin Widemond 2004-06 Texas A&M University-Commerce
Tafari Toney 2004-06 University of Houston
Ben Bell 2005-06 University of North Texas
Robert McKiver 2005-06 University of Houston
David Devezin 2006-07 Marist
Booker Woodfox 2006-07 Creighton University
Jeremy Barr 2007-08 University of Louisiana-Lafayette
Kyle Cannon 2007-08 University of Oklahoma
Lance Pevehouse 2007-08 Sam Houston State University
Stavon William 2007-08 Utah State University
Andrew Gonzalez 2008-09 Houston Baptist University
Devin McDonaled 2008-09 University of New Orleans
Maurice McNell 2008-09 University of Houston
Dion Prewster 2009-10 Stephen F. Austin State University
Marsell Holden 2010-11 Morehead State University
Adrian Morales 2010-11 University of St. Thomas
Moses Sundufu 2010-11 St. Mary's University (Texas)
Daryell Taylor 2010-11 St. Mary's University (Texas)
Flavien Davis 2011-12 Montana State University
Zach Lofton 2012-13 Illinois State University
Teris Bourgeois 2012-13 University of New Orleans
Mohammad Lee 2011-12 Tarleton State University
Javaria Jones 2012-13 Southern University
Gary Akbar 2013-14 Kent State University
Carrington Ward 2013-14 University of North Texas
Anthony Livingston 2013-14 Arkansas State University
Egi Gjikondi 2013-14 University of Houston
Michael Carey 2014-15 Wagner College
Jevonlean Hedgeman 2014-15 University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Justin Hollins 2014-15 California State University - Bakersfield
Willie Magnum 2014-15 Eastern Michigan University
Dana Rayslor 2014-15 Delaware State University
Naiel Smith 2014-15 Ball State University
Donte Thomas 2014-15 Arkansas State University
Josh Juntley 2015-16 Stephen F. Austin State University
Candido Sa 2015-16 Rutgers University
Ilker Er 2015-16 University of Maine
Jibreel Faulkner 2015-16 Canisius College