Student Spotlight: pipefitting program helps an immigrant pursue a better future | San Jac Athletics

Student Spotlight: pipefitting program helps an immigrant pursue a better future

10.27.2013 | By

Pipefitting student

San Jacinto College pipefitting fabricator student Christian Cardenas-Gonzalez works on a class project under the supervision of pipefitting instructor Jay Nguong Nguyen (left). Photo credit: Rob Vanya, San Jacinto College marketing, public relations, and government affairs department.

Student Spotlight: pipefitting program helps an immigrant pursue a better future

Rob Vanya -- October 28, 2013



QUESTION: What led to your interest in the pipefitting fabricator program at San Jacinto College?

CHRISTIAN CARDENAS-GONZALEZ: The closer I looked at the program the more interested I became because pipefitting fabrication combines two things I really like – mathematics and building things.

Q: Why did you choose San Jacinto College?

A:  When I decided to go back to school it was to learn a trade that was different than what I was doing and that would enable me to earn more money. When I first arrived in the USA, my uncle told me that just because you are an immigrant you do not have to always do a job you do not really like, and in this country a person can be who he really wants to be. I realized I could go to school to learn, and to be who I want to be. At San Jacinto College, I am able to improve my English skills while I also learn a trade. In the pipefitting program we have classroom time, but we also get hands-on training by spending time in the lab working on projects. If anyone wants to be a pipefitter, I highly recommend San Jacinto College because it is affordable, the class schedules are flexible, and the instructors are very qualified.

Q: What processes and skills does a person use in pipefitting fabrication?

A: It involves blueprint reading, geometry and trigonometry, welding, using a cutting torch, grinding, and the use of many types of hand tools. All these are needed to be a good pipefitting fabricator, and we are learning all these skills in our classes at San Jacinto College.

Q: What are your plans once you finish at San Jacinto College? What are your ultimate career goals?

A: For now, I plan to earn my pipefitting certification at San Jacinto College, and I have not decided what education or training I will pursue after that. My career goal is to be an engineer for a company like Chevron or Shell, so I would like to continue with my education to become an engineer. But I will have to talk to an educational counselor to find out what my next steps might be.

Christian Cardenas-Gonzalez lives in Pasadena. He grew up in southwestern Mexico and attended Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado Michoacan before emigrating to the United States. He is a student in San Jacinto College’s new pipefitting fabricator program, which is offered at the North Campus. The College offers a “fast track” schedule in the program that enables students to earn a pipefitting achievement award in one Fall or Spring term.

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