San Jac Certified: nursing student believes a job should be more than a paycheck

08.27.2014 | By Rob Vanya

The ultimate career goal of San Jacinto College associate degree nursing  student David Williams is to own his own medical service business. Photo credit: Rob Vanya, San Jacinto College marketing, public relations, and government affairs department.


David Williams is a 29-year-old single student living in Pasadena, who is pursing an associate degree at San Jacinto College with plans for a medical career. He formerly lived in Bryan, graduating from Bryan High School in 1999 before moving to the Houston area.


QUESTION: What led to your interest in the associate degree nursing program at San Jacinto College?

DAVID WILLIAMS: I had a good-paying job as an insurance claim adjuster, but I have come to realize there is more to a job than a paycheck. I have always wanted to help people, and have had an interest in the medical field since childhood. Then, when both of my parents became ill with cancer, I saw from personal experience just how important nursing care can be. So, just as I was about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Houston, I decided to change directions and pursue something that I really wanted, a medical career. It’s a career where I feel I can make a difference. When you help a person to regain health, there are rewards that money cannot buy. Also, the timing was right because the North Campus is launching an extension of the Central Campus associate degree nursing program this Fall semester, and the first step in my career plan is to become a registered nurse.

Q: So, being a student in the launch of a program extension is sort of historic. How do you feel about that?

A: I have mixed feelings. It’s exciting in a way, but I am also sort of nervous and a little afraid because it’s going to be uncharted territory for me. I have heard how rigorous and challenging the associate degree nursing program will be. I will have to really apply myself – eat, sleep, and drink nurse training. I qualified for financial aid, and am quitting my job so I can devote full attention to college. I think many students are shortsighted and get too wrapped up in the process and do not keep their focus on the ultimate goal. I look at college as a short-term sacrifice for a long-term goal.

Q: What are your educational and ultimate career goals?

A: After earning an associate degree in nursing at San Jacinto College, I plan to transfer to the University of Texas for a bachelor’s degree in nursing. After that, I plan to earn a master’s degree in certified registered nursing anesthesiology. My ultimate career goal is to own my own medical service business that would provide contract anesthesiologists to hospitals.

Q: Please share some thoughts about continual advances in medical care and treatment.

A: Many new medicines and treatment procedures are good and beneficial, but at the same time there can be drawbacks. I think some practitioners might turn too readily to antibiotics and other drugs to treat symptoms rather than taking a holistic approach to strive for curing the root problem. That type of shortsighted approach can relieve temporary symptoms, but can also create new problems, such as the human immune system developing resistance to antibiotics. A hospital administrator recently told me that insurance companies are not so quick anymore to just pay for every prescription or treatment. He said that is why he is noticing some doctors are taking a different treatment approach, providing information to patients about taking better care of themselves rather than relying so much on drugs and antibiotics.


San Jacinto College offers nursing courses and degree options at all three campuses, as well as online nursing classes, and a pathway to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in partnership with the University of Houston-Clear Lake and Western Governor’s University-Texas.


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