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Our Vision, Mission and Values

image of san jacinto college people in support of our mission statement


San Jacinto College will be the leader in educational excellence and in the achievement of equity among diverse populations. We will empower students to achieve their goals, redefine their expectations and encourage their exploration of new opportunities. Our passions are people, learning, innovation and continuous improvement.


Our mission is to ensure student success, create seamless transitions and enrich the quality of life in the communities we serve.

Our Values

We embrace a core truth at San Jacinto College: The ultimate measure of our success is your success.

Every student’s pathway is unique, and San Jacinto College students are a diverse mosaic — blending many perspectives on success. For one-fifth of our student body, being the first in the family to attend college is a life-changing act that propels future generations to succeed. Others aspire to master a trade or special interest, jump-start a new career, prepare for university transfer or help their communities succeed. Most San Jacinto College students are working professionals, and their success requires a flexible pathway that balances college, work and family.

No matter how you define it, success for every graduate drives our value system at San Jacinto College. We are committed to eight deeply held beliefs:

Integrity: Ethical and Professional

“We act in ways which instill confidence and trust.”

Excellence: In Everything We Do

“We achieve quality results in everything we do.”

Accountability: It’s Up to Us

“We take responsibility for our commitments and outcomes.”

Innovation: Lead the Way

“We apply our knowledge, skill, insight, and imagination to recognize opportunities, solve problems, and recommend new solutions.”

Sense of Community: Caring for Those We Serve and Ourselves

“We demonstrate concern for the well-being of our students, our community, and ourselves.”

Student Success: Our Ultimate Measure

“We enable students to achieve their goals.”

Diversity: Celebrate the Differences

“We celebrate the diversity of ideas and cultures.”

Collaboration: We Work Together

“We work together for the benefit of the College.”